7 Creative Uses for Custom Apparel in Your Business

Why Order Logo Custom Apparel for Your Employees?

Quality custom apparel can serve as a tool to unify and encourage your team as well as instill a sense of pride in your company’s brand. Good-looking and comfortable apparel is likely to be worn outside of work and can serve as free advertising.

Below are seven creative uses to add value to your team through custom apparel. 

1. Employee of the Month Reward

Quality branded wear can be a great part of the reward for winning employee of the month. Many companies prefer to give out branded winter jackets, hoodies, beanies, and similar items that most employees wouldn’t otherwise have. 

2. Shared Social Cause Important to the Company

Employees are often proud of the social causes their companies contribute to. Allow them to also show their pride off by providing your team with custom tees displaying your brand’s support for that cause. 

3. Day of New Product Launch Shirt

The day of a new product launch is an exciting time when the work of multiple teams over a long period of time finally comes to fruition. Preparing a special custom tee uniform for team members to wear can show appreciation for their work and make the day all the more rewarding and memorable. 

4. Charity Fundraiser Wear

Custom apparel can help build excitement around a fundraiser your company is doing, as well as provide a natural talking point for employees who want to raise money for your chosen cause. 

5. Seasonal Branded Wear

As winter approaches, providing your team with high-quality branded rain gear, winter jackets, beanies, or a hoodie is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work and give them a chance to rep their company while staying warm. 

6. Logo Work-Out Clothes for the Company Gym

For offices that feature a gym, consider providing your employees with a branded sublimation dry-fit shirt or a custom work-out towel. Doing so will not only boost their confidence but market your brand at the same time.

7. Custom Apparel for End of Year/Christmas Gift

Meanwhile, Christmas gifts are common in most offices. But it’s often hard to find a gift that is appealing to everyone. However, since everyone wears clothes you can’t go wrong with bespoke winter wear. 

Sphere Sports is ready to meet your custom apparel needs

At Sphere Sports, we specialize in B2B custom apparel. So we’ll work with you personally to find quality custom apparel that meets your needs and price points. Our in-house designers will make creating an appealing branded garment easy for you. 

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