Custom Apparel Printing Methods

Sphere Sports not only has specialized teams but also advanced printing techniques. Thus the possibilities for combining custom apparel print methods and materials are endless with our in-house capabilities.

custom apparel printing

Top of the line sublimation printers

top-end machinery for custom apparel printing

Sphere Sport surely prides itself on offering only the highest quality equipment. We believe that investing in cutting-edge production and design software, along with top-of-the-line digital print and production machinery, would certainly help our clients with their needs.

Our advanced custom apparel printing machinery also allows us to provide a greater level of customization. Therefore, enabling clients to choose and develop a wide range of design options.

our custom apparel printing methods

digital embroidery

Embroidery is evidently an exquisite way to personalize clothes and create logos for professional uniforms. This technique also produces an elegant feel with 3D effects. So that makes them pop more than other types of designs like print or even simple embroidering on the garment itself.​


Meanwhile, we use cutting-edge sublimation printing to produce high-quality custom apparel. The process allows us to produce sublimation sportswear with vibrant colors and permanent durability. With sublimation, the option for different types of garments is almost endless.

heat transfer

In general, the heat transfer method is an incredibly versatile tool. Rather than printing directly onto the fabric, heat transfer printers can print thousands of different designs onto special paper. This paper then adheres to fabrics easily, allowing you to choose from a wide range of colors.

screen printing

On the other hand, the process of screen printing uses a fine mesh to transfer ink onto the fabric. The mesh is stretched over an aluminum or wooden frame, and then the ink is forced through it using air pressure, water pressure, or in some cases, a squeegee. As a result, a sharp, clear image that can be reproduced multiple times.

UV printing

In contrast, UV digital printing speeds up the print production process by instantly curing specially formulated UV inks on a vast range of materials using UV lamps. With UV printing, you can print high-quality images on your objects as soon as they exit the machine.


Embossing is a printing technique that raises the design above the material. This is done by generally using a laser to cut or sheer away a thin layer of fabric. Moreover, this printing technique is perfect for creating raised designs on materials such as paper, cloth, or leather.

Sublimation for custom apparel printing process

01  Load the Printer

Firstly, sublimation inks are loaded in the printer and prepare the sublimation fabric.

02  Transfer paper

Images are then printed onto the transfer paper. So there are no limitations to colors and designs.

03  Applying Heat

Heat is applied afterwards to transfer the ink to the fabric to undergo the sublimation process.

04  Cutting Garment

Ink is eventually fused into the fabric and the garment panels are cut from the reels.

05  Sewn Together

The panels are sewn and pieced altogether. After that, it’ll turned into an amazing sublimated sportswear product.

06  Final Product

Your customized sportswear is then ready. We’ll also send you production photos for checking and business use.

Advantages of Sublimation for custom apparel printing

Sublimation technology is undoubtedly a popular and advanced custom apparel printing method. This can be used by teamwear brands looking for a customizable and innovative way to get their message out.

Highly Customizable

Sublimation undeniably allows an easier and faster customization process for fit, design, and fabric.

Quality Control Measures

All fabric rolls are particularly inspected on our fabric machine and operated by apparel printing experts.

Time and Cost-effective

Compared to other alternatives, this printing method allows you to print 1000 shirts at the cost of 1.

No Minimum Quantity

Above all, we don’t require a minimum order quantity for all sublimation orders.

Sublimation versus Cut & Sew custom apparel printing

The difference between Cut & Sew vs Sublimation shirts is how the design is generally printed on the fabric.

sublimation printer

A white sublimation fabric is laid out across the printer with the apparel pieces basically printed onto it.

Parts are cut & sewn Altogether

The pieces are then cut out and sewn altogether.

Fast Customization

Also highly customizable and quicker process. Just design and enter the size into the printer and it prints it exactly as specified.

Cut & Sew Fabric is already dyed

By comparison to sublimation, this means it can't be run through a sublimation printer.

Manual Measurement

During cut & sew process, we will measure it according to the order specifications and cut.

Customization & Design

Meanwhile, embroidery, heat transfer, screenprint, and other methods can be used to add logos, names, and numbers. for cut & sew.


BSCI Certified custom apparel printing Partner

Compared to other factories, we regularly score well above our competitors in our yearly BSCI audit. With this in mind, it shows how we are committed to industry compliance.

So rest assured that you are working with a factory that promotes employee fairness, good working conditions and has a commitment to social compliance.

Sphere Sport does have not only top-notch machinery but also apparel printing experts who meticulously inspect all the processes, from fabric selection down to quality control. Above all, we thoroughly check the materials used in our products for defects, loose threads, and other quality issues.

Quality Matters for custom apparel printing

Part of Sphere Sport’s founding mission was to certainly reduce the mistakes made by other factories. That is why we aim to eliminate these mistakes by developing training and lean process methods.

Advance Trainings

We develop advanced training and processes while making sure every item is checked multiple times by the team and the clients. So we guarantee that only qualified teams handle your orders.

Quality Control

Moreover, we have dedicated Quality Control personnel. They generally oversee post-production and a production photos process for final checks with the client

Strict Inspection

We also invested in high-end fabric inspection machines. This ensures the quality and consistency of each fabric spool before using it.

Does not know what custom apparel printing method is best for your brand?

We provide a free consultation for expert advice coupled with practical tips to determine the best print method for your brand.

We also have consulting experts and offshoring services for your other business needs, including payment management, factory negotiators, and translation services. So reach out to us so we can get started.