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Soccer Sublimation Shorts | 150gsm Nano Pique Fabric

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  • Manufactured with our high-quality 150gsm Nano Pique fabric composed of 100% polyester
  • Premium quality and extremely durable, our sublimation shorts was designed for elite athletes playing often and with intensity 
  • Premium soccer apparel manufacturer with sublimation printing and free graphic design and unlimited logos and colors at no additional cost 
  • No minimum quantity on all sublimation reorders and low min-qty on first-time orders
  • Competitive pricing and fast turnaround times on sublimation shorts orders to keep your brand thriving and your customers happy
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Soccer Sublimation Shorts | 150gsm Nano Pique Fabric Product Description

Our custom sublimation shorts are the perfect addition to your company’s product catalog. As a soccer apparel manufacturer, we take customization very seriously. That’s why we stock over 100 fabric options with a wide range of sublimation fabric weights and textures.  

You’ll be able to choose the fabric style that fits your brand’s needs best. Not sure or need something quick? No problem, you’re free to take our sublimation shorts style exactly as it is and add it to your existing catalog or immediately place an order. 

sublimation shorts Soccer Apparel Manufacturer

Customization Options for Sublimation Shorts 

In addition to fabric options, you’re also able to customize each aspect of our sublimation shorts garment style including the fit, size charts, pockets, strings, waistband, and more, along with adding features such as chamois or linings. 

All our apparel is made with elite competitors in mind. We know that quality can’t be faked which is why we pay close attention to each stage of the production process. It starts with double and triple-checking artwork and print files to ensure they match the order specifications. 

Once in production, we pre-check all our fabric rolls for inconsistencies and loose threads. After printing, we use reinforced stitching for our sublimation shorts and other on-field apparel to guarantee durability in all conditions. 

Most of all, we’re dedicated to adding value to our clients. That’s why we provide so many free services like graphic design and packaging development. Our low overheads enable us to offer our custom apparel like our sublimation shorts at competitive pricing without minimum quantities while maintaining top-end quality. 

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Sublimation Shorts Overview 

  • CUSTOM SUBLIMATION SHORTS MANUFACTURING EXPERTS – We supply some of the biggest soccer brands in Australia and the UK. When it comes to designing a game-ready soccer kit, we’ve got you covered.  
  • TEAMWEAR BRANDS TIME TO LEVEL UP YOUR SOCCER APPAREL – Our sublimation printing technology is cutting edge. You’ll be able to adjust the size and fit of your sublimation shorts offering, as well as choose from countless pocket, string, waistband, and material options. Additionally, we offer a low minimum quantity for all our sublimation products. 
  • LOTS OF CUSTOMIZATION AND BRANDING OPTIONS – Make sure your brand stands out with any of our premium moisture-wicking sublimation shorts fabric! Lots of packaging and branding options are available to help you create a unique product that represents your brand perfectly. 

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Industry Leading Sublimation Shorts & Soccer Apparel Manufacturer 

At Sphere Sport, we understand the importance of quality and durability in the soccer apparel we manufacture. The brand’s supplying club teams need to have confidence that our apparel will perform well on the field and continue looking great game after game.

That’s why we only use professional-grade fabrics and materials in all of our soccer apparel including our sublimation shorts. It’s also why each of our garments are tested under intense conditions and improved until they are fit for top-level competitors. 

Our teamwear brand clients are helping power the next generation of athletes, and we are proud to play a role in that as their soccer apparel manufacturer.  

clothes manufacturer china

Sphere Sport: Soccer Apparel Manufacturer Profile 

Sphere Sport is a custom sportswear factory based in Dongguan, China. We specialize in high-end sublimation printing for teamwear brands and premium apparel retailers. 

What sets us apart is our focus on adding value to our clients through customizing our products and services to meet their needs. Unlike most factories, we’re eager to help you develop new products and help you accomplish your greater business goals. Our location in the heart of Chinese manufacturing allows us to help brands also source non-apparel products, design unique packaging, and provide bespoke project solutions such as dropshipping and warehousing. 

Sphere Sport is made up of a truly international team. Founders Sam Clay and Eric Fan oversee the company uniting Australian customer service with Chinese manufacturing expertise. Our clients appreciate the shared cultural understanding and sports knowledge when communicating with Sam on new products or orders, along with the competitive pricing and quality of the production that Eric oversees. 

We’ve also recently added an American Daniel Shultz to lead a team helping to develop and deliver advanced design, marketing, and software services for our clients. 

Why Order Sublimation Shorts with Sphere Sport? 

  • Professional-grade print quality and stitching for great-looking and long-lasting apparel like soccer apparel at competitive prices. 
  • Advanced QC processes customized for each client give you the control to check designs, details, and colors at each point in the process or simply relax and let us take care of it for you. 
  • Countless garment & packaging customization options from pockets, collars, strings, cuffs, eco-friendly materials, and more. We stock over 100 cut & sew and sublimation fabric options. 
  • Fast and cheap new garment development with no minimum quantity or deposit required. You can start developing your garment from items already in our catalog, by sending us a sample or send us specifications for changes based on a similar product we can source locally. 
  • High-quality production photos of your finished sublimation shorts displayed on mannequins emailed to you before shipment. These can be forwarded to your customers and used for marketing and final QC checks. 
  • After we ship your order, our team tracks its progress at every step until delivery. You’ll receive regular email updates and notice of any delays. 
  • Additional services designed to meet the specific needs of team wear brands including graphic design, access to our kit builder, or develop one for you, product sourcing, and more.

Soccer Sublimation Shorts | 150gsm Nano Pique Fabric Product Details

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sublimation shorts Soccer Apparel Manufacturer