Our Athletic Wear Manufacturing Facilities

Our athletic wear manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China further gives us access to a wide range of raw materials and logistics advantages. As a result, it keeps our costs low and more focused on our quality, which also benefits our clients.

athletic wear manufacturing

Sphere Sport’s athletic wear manufacturing factory is located in Dongguan, China, known as the heart of south China manufacturing. We have 40 full-time staff working at the factory and 5 more working in our nearby offices. 

We’ve also invested in top-of-the-line fabric inspection, printing, and sewing machinery to ensure our garments are of the highest quality.

athletic wear manufacturing facilities

Upgraded athletic wear manufacturing Facilities

When Sphere Sport launched in 2018, founders Eric and Sam recruited an all-star team of talented individuals. They previously worked from the best factories across the region. Above all, we offered them more competitive pay, great benefits, and a chance to be a part of a highly competent and productive team.

Without a doubt, our production team has been at the core of our success, allowing us to guarantee professional-level apparel with quick turnaround times.

Later in 2021, we moved into a 2500 m² new athletic wear manufacturing facility to expand our production capacity and make room for new machinery. In addition, we are now offering high-quality studio pictures of all completed apparel on mannequins for every client.

athletic wear manufacturing Capabilities

In addition to our in-house athletic wear manufacturing capabilities, we are able to outsource a variety of jobs within our trusted network of quality contractors. 

Cut & Sew

We customize your garment from the raw fabric rather than buying in bulk from a third party so that you can customize fit.

Sublimation Printing

Particularly embeds your design into any and all parts of the fabric material increasing durability, performance, and aesthetics.

Screen Printing

Athletic wear manufacturing printing technique that is using a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate. Ideal for cotton shirts.

Heat Transfer

A digital printing method where a material is applied to paper by melting a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the material on which the print is applied.


Meanwhile, embroidery is a design technique that creates your graphics or logo using thread. Usually even more seen on caps, hats, coats, overlays, blankets, denim, dresses, stockings, and golf shirts.

UV Printing

On the other hand, UV printing is an athletic wear manufacturing printing process that uses UV curable inks made of acrylic monomers. Particularly are exposed to strong UV light to polymerize them.

Advanced Expert Processes for
athletic wear manufacturing

We follow thorough athletic wear manufacturing production practices to produce the highest quality apparel you can buy and we have advanced quality control processes to make fewer mistakes than our competitors in the market.

athletic wear manufacturing experts

athletic wear manufacturing Facilities are Managed by Industry experts

Sphere Sport’s athletic wear manufacturing facilities is particularly managed by founder Eric Fan. He has over 20 years in the industry formerly working for factories producing items for the largest Western brands, teams and professional sporting leagues and organizations.

Consistent Professional-Grade Quality

Moreover, his quality control processes in our athletic wear manufacturing facilities allow Sphere Sport to consistently deliver professional-grade apparel with minimal mistakes. So to learn more about our order process, click the link below.

athletic wear manufacturing experts

Highest Grade Quality athletic wear manufacturing

We use only the best materials and fabrics for our athletic wear manufacturing. Moreover, our garments are put through rigorous quality control processes by our production experts.

athletic wear manufacturing factory

Organized athletic wear manufacturing Facilitation

Our merchandisers and sales staff generally operate within the athletic wear manufacturing factory. So we’re able to communicate quickly with clients about samples, materials, and current turnaround estimates. As well as inline updates during production for the different processes and checkpoints.

More Product options

Above all, we are constantly adding new sportswear styles, service solutions, and material options. We now have over 50 unique materials to choose from for over 100 different garment styles in over 30 sports. We also pride ourselves in our ability to develop new items per our customers specifications and expand our range all the time.

athletic wear manufacturing factory

Topnotch Technology for athletic wear manufacturing

Sphere Sport understands that besides our star team, having the right equipment is essential for producing high-quality products. With the state-of-the-art equipment at our athletic wear manufacturing location, we’re able to manufacture products that meet the highest standards of quality and durability. 

athletic wear manufacturing factory

Top of the line sublimation printers

Our athletic wear manufacturing facilities have topnotch printing technology and techniques. Sublimation printers use special inks that are vaporized and then transferred to the fabric, resulting in a sharp and vibrant image that won’t fade over time.

In addition, sublimation printers can print on a wide range of fabrics, including polyester and Lycra, making them ideal for sportswear. Top-of-the-line models offer a higher level of precision and detail, making them perfect for creating intricate designs.

Laser cutting athletic wear manufacturing machine

Our athletic wear manufacturing facilities have laser cutting technology. This machine gives the us greater control over the cut, and allows for more accurate cuts than traditional methods. 

This is especially important when cutting fabric for logos and other appliques that need to be precise. Additionally, laser cutting is a much faster process than traditional methods, which saves time and money.

factory direct custom uniforms

Digital embroidery machine

This athletic wear manufacturing process is much faster and more precise than hand stitching. Since it allows for a wide range of designs to be created compared to traditional embroidering. 

At Sphere Sport, we use digital embroidery machines to create logos and other designs in the production of orders. Investing in this technology would mean lesser risk of specification mistakes and faster turnaround time.

Cutting-edge fabric inspection machine

Our athletic wear manufacturing laser cutting technique gives us greater control over the cut and allows for more accurate cuts than traditional methods. This is especially important when cutting fabric for logos and other appliques that need to be precise.

Additionally, our fabric inspection machining is a much faster process than traditional methods, which prevents production mistakes. Hence saving time and money.

Innovation & Sustainability

Our company culture is one of family and fun while also implementing sustainable practices. At our athletic wear manufacturing office, we know that our employees are our most valuable asset.

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Teamwork & Innovation

There’s a reason Sphere Sport has had so little employee turnover. We work hard to create a family environment where employees are well taken care of and supported. Our company’s compensation and benefits is among the best in the industry and management works hard to apply feedback from staff at every level.

Sustainable Technology And Practices

We are working hard to become a zero waste facility by recycling excess material and being exact with the materials use. Sphere Sport also utilize Smart Power Management practices to reduce our power consumption.

We also take pride in our commitment to a greener tomorrow. Sphere Sport offers a variety of eco-friendly packaging as well as the Repreve eco-material for garments made entirely from plastic bottles.

If you would also like a factory tour or to request a sample package, please contact us below.

Repreve fabric eco-friendly products

Benefits of an Australian Founder

Sam Clay, the founder of Sphere Sport with Eric, was born in a small country town in Australia and grew up his entire life surrounded by sports. He attended boarding school at Assumption college from the age of 12, a school well recognized for sporting achievements and producing professional sports people.

He was also a captain of the swim team and also played on AFL football teams. Soon after coming to China in 2006, Sam began a sourcing company, with most of his major clients being in the sports and apparel industries.

Sphere Sport was launched in 2018 to allow brands and organizations the ease of working directly with a native English speaker and someone familiar with Western business practices without having to go through intermediaries. Sam currently lives in Dongguan and oversees the design and sales teams.