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Promotional Items

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Branded Promotional Items

Along with apparel, Sphere Sport also offers a variety of promotional items and team accessories. Each item can be customized with different colours, logos, names, and numbers.


Popular Promo Items

Sphere Sport offers a variety of customizable team gear for apparel brands and larger organizations. We supply a variety of high-end bags, towels, water bottles, clipboards, training equipment, banners and have experience branding any item you can think of.

Why Choose Us?


Ability to Source Outside of Catalogue

Don't see what you like or have something special in mind? We'll use our broad network to create your perfect promotional item.

Brand Any Item in Any Location

You won't be limited to one or two logo spots. Our experience and expertise allows us to design any part of any item.

Personalized Service

You'll be working directly with a sales associate instead of using an automated system with options to receive samples or additional pictures and video from different angles.

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