New Sportswear Design Development

Take advantage of our free in-house graphic team and apparel experts to create customizable sportswear designs for your new clothing line and product catalogue.

New sportswear design development

Unlock Your Catalogue by Developing Sportswear Designs

Besides having over 100 cut & sew and sublimation fabric options across a wide range of sports for you to refer, we empower team brands to customize their own with low to no fees for developing new designs.

Our custom solutions allow you to tailor your clients’ needs while also taking advantage of our material and design experts.

Countless Style Options

Because of our top-end machinery, advanced printing techniques, and high-end fabric materials we are able to produce endless style options and opportunities you can rely on.

Over 100 Fabrics Options

We have a stock catalog of about 170 garment styles for your sportswear designs across a range of sports. We're especially developing new sports-related custom garment styles for our catalog.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Unlike other factories, we don’t require a minimum order quantity for all sublimation orders.

New sportswear design Development Process​

The process of developing a new sportswear design varies for each client, depending on their requirements and timelines. This only provides you with an overview of the process until we meet your specifications.

01  Client sends Samples

Contact and send us samples of of the designs you want to develop.

02  Plan Specifications

You give us the specifications such as for fit, fabric, and features.

03  Design Development

We will then develop the sportswear design and send pictures to you.

04  Sending for Approval

You approve and then we will send you the developed sportswear design. 

05  Modify sportswear design

Receive the new sportswear design and then give us approval or revisions.

06  Finally, Add to Account Files

Once approved, the sportswear design will be added to your account files.

sportswear design catalogue development

low barriers to develop new sportswear designs

Do not have a new sportswear design in mind yet? We still got your back. You can make use of our stock catalogue as a starting place and make changes to fit, fabric, and features as you desire.

Then we could go straight to production based on your new specifications to send it to you for feedback or approval.

Experts to advise you in developing
new sportswear designs

With little to no fees to develop new items, we also have accessible experts to advise you in developing new sportswear designs for your clothing line and expanding your product catalogue.

material expertise

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we certainly assure you that we only provide premium items made from high-quality materials.

Apparel Style Guidebook​

We also have a stock catalog of about 170 garment styles across a range of sports that you can start getting ideas with.

Sample Matching​

Send us a sample or request a new sportswear designs you want us to produce. Then we can quickly develop them for matching.

Sustainable sportswear designs With Repreve

The world’s leading brands are utilizing REPREVE’s innovative fiber to make award-winning apparel. Unlike others, they transform recycled bottles into an amazing fabric with properties like wicking, adaptive warming, and cooling properties for reliable durability and water repellency too!

Therefore, their high-quality fibers are made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste. They are also certified and traceable.

Above all, big brands like Nike, Adidas, GAP, The North Face, and Under Armour have partnered with REPREVE.  So become part of the revolution!

sportswear design repreve fabric
Repreve fabric eco-friendly products

Repreve Eco-Fabric In Stock for new sportswear designs

Not only the world’s leading brands but also sports organizations like Pac-12 are turning to REPREVE for their sustainable fiber needs. They have partnered altogether to support and help produce this revolutionary eco-friendly sublimation fabric to make high-quality products from trusted recycled content.

Sphere Sport offers sustainable packaging, particularly for your new clothing line. You can also design the packaging’s material, print, and size as you see fit for your new sportswear design.

enter new markets with your new sportswear designs

Utilize our top-notch technology and premium materials by customizing new lines of apparel outside sportswear however you like. We also offer wide customization of any clothing line, accessories, and even promotional items.