Sportswear Retail Manufacturing

Besides teamwear manufacturing, we also specialize in high-performance sportswear retail manufacturing for small to medium-sized apparel brands. 

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Elite Performance Sportswear

If your brand is built on quality and durability, then you certainly want a retail manufacturing partner with the same values as yours.

At Sphere Sport, we produce sportswear apparel designed to take a beating day after day. We know you can’t fake quality. It’s why we’ve invested in top-of-the-line machinery, expert production staff, and quick-drying durable fabrics.

Competitive Pricing

Our low-overhead and bulk purchasing allow us to deliver top-level quality at great prices for our retail manufacturing. In addition, we'll work with you to find creative ways to get your products to your target price point.

Top-End Quality retail Manufacturing Process

Every piece of apparel we make is designed to handle the rigors of intense competition and will last for years even with regular use. Above all, excellence in quality is a principle we've instilled in our retail manufacturing staff from top to bottom.

logistics solutions

Our team can help arrange SEA or AIR freight along with other custom solutions such as China dropshipping, warehousing, or shipping with products from another factory.

Expert Retail Manufacturing Consultations

Sphere Sport is your retail manufacturing partner that stays on top of cutting-edge production methods and new material technologies to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable retail manufacturing staff will also help make your product vision a reality. We have access to a wide range of eco-friendly materials for use in your apparel and packaging needs, along with a wide range of printing processes.

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Retail Manufacturing Quality control

Meanwhile, elite quality means nothing if it’s not consistent. That is why we have an expert quality control team at our retail manufacturing facility. We also have developed thorough checklists for each stage of production to ensure every apparel piece matches your specifications and doesn’t have any defects. 

As a leading retail manufacturer of sportswear in China, these are crucial aspects to lessen mistakes that can be also costly. So with Sphere Sport, brands can rest assured that they are getting high-quality products at great prices.

Simplify Your Supply Chain in Retail Manufacturing

Our suite of offshore solutions are available so you can accomplish more through one supplier – saving you time, money, and process complexity by availing our retail manufacturing services.

Packaging is a place you can really stand out.  That is why we offer a wide range of sustainable materials along with free graphic design for neck tags, hang tags, product wraps, and more.

Tired of losing money by shipping multiple products separately from China? Have them ship to us and we’ll ship them out altogether in one container. You will eventually save more time and money.

Are you also looking to move into non-apparel products? We also provide product sourcing and a range of related services through our sister company Sphere Resources. 

BSCI certified retail manufacturing facility

Looking for a supplier that also matches your brand’s values? At Sphere Sport, we regularly score well above our competitors in our yearly BSCI audit. Above all, this means we are committed socially and highly value the wellbeing of our employees by employing good working conditions and competitive salaries and benefits.

Our sportswear manufacturing facility is also proud to be BSCI compliant. So rest assured that you are working with a factory that promotes employee fairness, good working conditions and has a commitment to social compliance. You can certainly review our most recent audit by opening the document below. 

Our Retail Manufacturing Offers repreve fabric

It’s hard not to have heard of Repreve at this point, with every major global sports brand creating lines of apparel using their fabric. Repreve further uses recycled plastic bottles to create its sportswear fabric. 

Besides our Repreve fabric, we also offer eco-friendly packaging alternatives. In the long run, these efforts would enhance your brand sustainability. So let us know if you want to use Repreve sublimation fabric in your order.