Graphic Design for Apparel

We’re here to assist you with all your graphic design for apparel needs from 2D artwork to 3D mock-ups to logo redraws and beyond

Outsource Your Graphic Design  for Apparel to Us

Simplify your operations by outsourcing 3D mock-ups, 2D artworks, and logo redraws to Sphere Sport, your manufacturer. By doing this, you can save money and ensure design consistency without the need for an in-house team or expensive software. Trust Sphere Sport to handle these tasks while you focus on the core of your business.

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2D Artwork

Our designers can use your artwork template to create 2D artwork to send to your clients for final approval.

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3D Mock-ups

We can place your designs on high-quality 3D mock-ups that better show what they will look like once printed. 

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Logo Redraws

Our designers can help redraw low-quality logos as vectors when your clients don’t have a hi-resolution verison. 

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Easy Reorders & 2D Artwork Revisions

Our in-house designers will keep track of your branding styles, design preferences, and logos to simplify the design process and ensure consistency. We’ll store your designs for quick reorders as well as easy revisions. 

Teamwear  Sublimation Design Experts

Our designers live in the world of sublimation design. We’re familiar with the style norms of various sports along with number, name, and logo placements. Our mock-up designers are able to communicate directly with our print file designers to ensure accuracy during the transfer. We also have a large database of pre-made designs if you need a quick turnaround. 

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3D Mock-up Designs

3D mock-ups can help take your brand’s marketing and sales pitches to the next level. Along with being a better representation of printed apparel than 2D, it shows potential clients that you have the resources and quality to meet their needs. We have a growing database of over 300 3D mock-ups covering apparel and promotional items for you to choose from. 

3D Apparel Design Examples

Check out a few of the graphic design for apparel 3D mockups we’ve done in the past!

Advanced Graphic Design Offerings

Aside from our graphic design for apparel services, our clients can utilize our sister company Sphere Services advanced marketing design offerings to save money and time while ensuring consistent branding and quality. 

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Brand Playbook Design

Brand guidelines help ensure consistency throughout all your marketing channels. They set the tone of your company as well as establish standards.

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Catalogue Design

Our team can help you design your first catalogue or update your existing one adding new products including writing copy as needed. 

Social Media Graphics​ icon
Social Media Graphics

We can help create graphics for you to post on your social channels including product promos, flyers, annoucements, and more. 

Sales Pitch Documents​ icon
Sales Pitch Documents

Our design team is experienced with creating high-quality sales pitch documents to help you impress on bids and present all you can do in a pleasing visual layout. 

Kit Builder Designs & Models​
Kit Builder Designs & Models

If you have a kit builder with us or own your own subscription, we can help you add new designs to existing models or build custom 3D models according to your specifications.  

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Web Design

Sphere Services web development team is experienced with WordPress development and ecommerce to help add to your site or build one from scratch. 


Logo Redraws



Billed monthly

Applies to most logo redraws unless complete redesign is required.

2D & 3D Mock-ups



Billed monthly

Simple mock-ups or designs from our catalogue are usually completed in under an hour. 

Advanced Marketing Graphics



 Billed monthly

Contact Sphere Services with your specific needs and  for more information. 

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