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Sphere Sport is here to meet your brand’s needs with  industry-leading apparel quality and customer service.
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Sports Apparel Manufacturing Experts

Creating a successful teamwear brand isn’t just about having great products – it’s also about finding the right sports apparel manufacturing partner who will be just as invested in your success as you are. Therefore, a good sports apparel manufacturer will be more than just a supplier – they’ll be someone you can rely on for expert advice and support.

This is exactly the kind of mentality we strive to have at Sphere Sport. Our wide range of services, from design and development to production and promotion, are designed with the needs of brands in your industry in mind.

It’s why we won’t supply every brand that comes to us and why our clients stay for us. Contact us to see if we’re a good fit to partner with your brand. 

Premium Sports Apparel Manufacturing Service

Our excellent customer service sets us apart from other sports apparel manufacturing facilities and we take a personal interest in the success of each of our clients.

Experienced Production Staff

Recruited from the best factories serving the leading brands, our staff are experts in their positions.

State of the Art Machinery

We've invested heavily in cutting-edge machinery to ensure our apparel is high-performing and durable.

Quality Control Measures

Each step of our order process has multiple QC checks to ensure your order arrives exactly as delivered.

Australian Business Culture & Ownership

Tired of miscommunications with your current supplier? The cultural and language gap between Chinese sports apparel manufacturing facilities and Western businesses can be a source of constant frustration. 

Sphere Sport was founded to bridge that gap. Founders Sam Clay and Eric Fan’s mission has been to better serve custom uniform brands by combining the efficiency of Chinese sports apparel manufacturing with the customer service and value-adding focus of Australia’s service sector.

The results speak for themselves, with our apparel and services better reflecting the needs of our clients than our competitors.

Customize more with your Sports apparel manufacturer

Partner with a sports apparel manufacturer who empowers your ability to differentiate rather than being forced into a limited catalogue. 

Garment Style Development

Create an entirely new style with our apparel design experts - from your specifications or by sending a sample.


Stand out with unique neck & hang tags, RPET plastic wrap, branded cardboard boxes, and marketing inserts.

100+ Fabric

Choose from our ever-growing range of sublimation and cut & sew fabrics with a wide range of weights and performance qualities.

Unlimited Size

Want different sizes for each sport, gender, or even league within a sport? No problem. We’ll even help you create the size charts.

Customize Fit
for each client

Got a client who wants the sleeves a bit shorter or their pants a bit longer? We'll make it happen and save their preference for reorders.

Countless Style

Customize each part of your garment from our large selection of collars, necklines, cuffs, strings, and more.

Sam Clay running

Managing Director Sam Clay (Above)

Operations Director Daniel Shultz (Left)

(Above)  Managing Director Sam Clay

Passionate about Sports

We are passionate athletes dedicated to making the best performance apparel in the world.

Our team is made up of active athletes with a history of playing a wide range of sports. This passion for sports means that we know what your clients are looking for in terms of performance, durability, and fit. As an elite sports apparel manufacturer, this allows us to design products that help athletes to reach their full potential.

Sports Apparel Manufacturing Quality Control

We’ve built our brand reputation on consistent quality and reliability so that you can too! 

automated Fabric

We've invested in cutting-edge digital fabric inspection machinery to test our materials for defects before they go to print.

dedicated QC
Staff Members

In addition to our robust built-in QC processes for each team, we've trained quality control specialists to focus on this critical area.

Checks at Every
Production Stage

This means that mistakes are caught earlier in the production process and are able to be fixed without affecting turnaround times.

Eco-friendly Sublimation Fabric

Repreve has recycled over 34 billion plastic bottles!

Repreve’s recycled fabric is used by major global brands including Nike, Under Armour, The North Face, and New Balance. Choosing to use Repreve in your products means taking plastic straight out of the ocean.

Repreve fabric is suitable for a wide range of uses, including athletics, winter and casual wear, and more! Just let us know if you want to switch out the traditional fabric for Repreve. 

Elite quality sports apparel Manufacturer

As a leading elite sports apparel manufacturer, the standard for every garment we manufacture is the same. Would a professional athlete use this? If not, we keep at it until the quality and performance reaches that level.

New sportswear design development

A Sports Apparel Manufacturer Trusted by Professional Athletes

If you’re looking for a sports apparel manufacturer that values quality & performance in their sports apparel, then look no further than Sphere Sport. Our apparel has proven its ability to withstand the test of time despite rigorous use.

This is why our clients have been able to supply our manufactured uniforms to top-tier professional teams with confidence. We know what it takes to meet those standards.

A Sports apparel Manufacturer That has one standard for all

Although many of our clients supply top-tier professional teams, the majority do not. So why make every apparel piece to this standard? We believe that every athlete deserves a uniform that feels and looks great on and off the field.

Moreover, our clients love how our quality helps build their brand reputation. The elite looks and feel help net them better reviews, positive customer interactions, and more referrals.

apparel manufacturing

A Sports Apparel Manufacturer dedicated to excellence

Our quality starts with our manufacturing team. Led by Production Director Eric Fan, we’ve invested in industry stalwarts who are the best at what they do. In addition, our concept and print panel design teams work closely to ensure that sizing and colors are precisely copied during this process.

After we’re sure of the accuracy, we then send the client the PDF print panel along with pictures of a printed sample to confirm the colors and sizing look as they expected.

Value-Added Services
for Teamwear Brands

Our goal is to help you punch above your weight with free or affordable services that solve your everyday business needs.

Level up your marketing while impressing your clients with studio-level production photos of every order sent directly to your inbox.

Speed up your design turnaround time using our 3D kit builder. As one of our clients, you’ll receive a log-in with free unlimited use. Want one for your customers? We also offer sublicensing and set-up at cost.

Take advantage of our in-house designers ready to assist you with free uniform and packaging design, in addition to various marketing and social media graphic designs.

shipping updates
on all orders

Rest easy knowing our logistics team is on-top of tracking your order. We’ll inform you of any delays and promptly follow up with shipping providers to ensure packages arrive ASAP. 

Ordering Portal

Tired of sorting through hundreds of email chains? We are too, which is why we’re investing in a client portal where you can quickly place new orders, check all your ongoing orders, access designs, and use our services all in one place.

custom Team shops

Want to offer your clients their own custom team shop? What about allowing each player on a club to order individually? Our clients will soon be able to access these software solutions at well below market rates.

Bespoke Logistics Solutions

Why pay more than you need to for shipping? Due to the volume we ship, we’re able to save you money using our FedEx rates. 

With over 15 years of shipping products from China, we’re uniquely equipped to create bespoke logistics solutions to increase your bottom line on larger retail orders. 

studio quality photo

Protecting your Intellectual Property (IP)

Your apparel designs and styles are a reflection of your brand. They communicate who you are to the world, and they help to build customer loyalty. That’s why protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) is so important.

Unlike other factories willing to give away your trade secrets whenever it’s convenient, we understand the importance of copyright protection and vigorously protect your data.

Feel Good about your Custom Sports apparel manufacturer

You should feel confident that your overseas sports apparel manufacturer is as committed to ethical business practices as you are.

Each year we pay for a BSCI audit and consistently score much higher than our competitors. We’re committed to creating a great place to work for our employees and doing our part to reduce emissions and have a positive impact on the world. 

Grow Your Retail Offerings
with Us

Looking to diversify your offerings with retail apparel and products? Our team has everything you need to build a retail catalog that you can upsell to your current clients. 

We’ve recently invested in larger cutting-edge digital sublimation printers able to produce 3000 apparel pieces a day, allowing us to charge less per item for retail orders.

We also offer China dropshipping and warehousing to make fulfillment both cheaper and more accessible.

Additional Services as your Sports Apparel Manufacturer

As one of the few Chinese sports apparel manufacturer with an international team, Sphere Sport is uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve greater capabilities through our access to inexpensive offshore services and understanding of their needs and expectations.

Product & Equipment Sourcing

Sphere Sport's in-house sourcing team is able to help you manufacture in China any product according to your budget and specifications that we can't do in our factory.

Overseas Photoshoots & Videos

Always felt like a professional photoshoot and video were beyond your reach with your current budget? We'll outsource it to a local media company with foreign models to save you money and provide marketing content.


Although slower than local dropshipping, China dropshipping allows you to save money on warehousing and shipping while reducing business complexity.

Large Catalogue of Stock Items

With over 170 stock garments & products, you can quickly add our styles to your catalog or make your own adjustments to them in order to stand out.

Each year, we add 20-50 new styles to our stock catalog so you can continue to expand your offerings. All of our fabrics and products are listed on our website, so you can quickly browse our selection, as well as in our yearly PDF catalogue. 

Don’t see what you like? Then, we’ll develop it for you starting with a sample or specifications. 

sportswear design catalogue development

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About Sphere Sports

Our mission is to simplify ordering factory-direct bespoke apparel with excellent customer service, elite quality, and services that add value to our clients.

Founded in 2018 by Sam Clay and Eric Fan, Sphere Sports began as a small 600m2 sports apparel manufacturer with only 5 full-time workers in Dongguan, China. Through dedication to our clients and their referrals, we’ve now grown to 45 employees and moved into a 2500m2 production facility with greatly expanded capacity and more capabilities.

Sphere Sport’s vision has always been to bridge the cultural gap that traditionally existed between Chinese sports apparel manufacturing facilities and Western sports brands. To accomplish this, we’ve built a specialized international team focused on the simple goal of understanding and serving our client’s needs.

Sports Apparel Manufacturing
Production Methods

Heat Transfer

Digital Sublimation Printing

Digital Embroidery

Heat Press

UV Transfer

Screen Printing