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sphere sport sublimation
sphere sport sublimation print methods


Sublimation is a digital printing technique ideal for designs that require vibrant, full-color images. It involves turning ink into a gas and infusing it into the fabric, which makes the design highly durable and fade resistant. This method is perfect for sportswear and activewear, as it doesn’t affect the fabric’s breathability or texture. A key advantage of sublimation is the ability to accommodate lower minimum order quantities, making it suitable for smaller or custom orders. However, it works best on polyester fabrics and may not be ideal for all material types.


Embroidery offers a high-quality, textured finish, ideal for logos and small decorative elements. This technique involves stitching designs directly onto the fabric, resulting in a durable and sophisticated look. It’s a popular choice for corporate wear, caps, and polo shirts, adding a touch of elegance and perceived value. While embroidery is long-lasting and has a premium feel, it can be more costly and time-consuming than other methods, especially for large or highly detailed designs.

sphere sport embroidery
sphere sport embroidery print methods
sphere sport screen printing
sphere sport screen printing print methods

Screen Printing

Screen printing is renowned for producing vibrant, high-quality prints and is particularly cost-effective for larger orders. The process involves pushing ink through a screen onto the fabric, which can create durable, long-lasting designs. It’s perfect for simpler designs and is a favorite for promotional wear and bulk orders. The main drawbacks are the setup costs for each color and design, making it less ideal for small orders or designs with many colors.

Digital UV Printing​

Digital UV printing is a modern method that applies UV-sensitive inks directly onto the fabric, then cures them with UV light. This technique allows for high-detail, vivid prints with rapid production times. It’s excellent for smaller orders or custom designs where detail and a wide color spectrum are crucial. However, UV prints can be less durable than some other methods and may not be as suitable for items that undergo heavy wear and washing.

sphere sport digital uv printing
sphere sport digital uv printing print methods
sphere sport heat transfer
sphere sport heat transfer print methods

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer printing involves first printing the design on special paper and then transferring it onto fabric using heat. This method is versatile, allowing for detailed, full-color designs on various fabrics. It’s ideal for small runs, personalized items, or prototypes. The main advantages are the precision and the ability to produce complex, colorful designs. However, the print can crack or fade over time, especially with frequent washing.


Knitted designs are created directly within the fabric during the knitting process, making them an integral part of the garment. This method is ideal for products like socks, beanies, and sweaters, offering a unique, durable design that doesn’t fade or peel. The knitting process allows for creative, intricate patterns but is limited to certain types of garments and may not be suitable for designs requiring high levels of detail or multiple colors.

sphere sport knitted manufacturing machine
sphere sport knitted manufacturing machine print methods
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