Sports Apparel Manufacturing

Sphere Sport is a custom apparel manufacturer specializing in premium sportswear and sports uniform apparel.

Custom Uniform & Apparel Manufacturing In China

Sphere Sport specializes in supplying sportswear & teamwear brands with pro-grade apparel made to their exact specifications.

Our skilled uniform designers and experienced apparel manufacturing team will collaborate with you to deliver high-level athletic wear that your brand can be proud of. We are committed to offering innovative solutions, exceptional craftsmanship, and eco-friendly fabrics, ensuring your custom uniforms stand out on and off the field.

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Why Manufacture Your Custom Apparel with us?

Sphere Sport understands your business’ needs are unique. Partner with a custom apparel manufacturer willing to go the extra mile to craft solutions around those needs.

Custom garment development icon for Sphere Sport
Custom Garment

Personalize every detail, from collars and zippers to cuffs and fit, crafting truly unique apparel.

Apparel packaging design icon for Sphere Sport
Apparel Packaging

Elevate your brand with bespoke packaging design that captivates customers and reflects your identity. 

Fabric materials icon for Sphere Sport
100+ Fabric

Choose from our diverse range of 100+ sportswear fabric materials to create the ideal blend of style and performance.

Custom size charts icon for Sphere Sport homepage
Custom Size Charts
for Every Product

We allow you to customize your fit and size charts as much as you want to differentiate your uniforms. 

No minimum quantity icon for Sphere Sport homepage
No Minimum
Enjoy hassle-free reorders with no minimum quantity required for all sublimation apparel orders.
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Experience the difference of our pro-grade quality, delivering durability and comfort for peak performance.

Pro-Grade Sports Uniforms

Expertise Fuels Quality Custom Apparel

Our professional quality stems from our experienced apparel manufacturing team, crafting and testing each uniform for optimal performance and durability. Combining expertise, premium sportswear fabrics, advanced technology, and strict quality control, Sphere Sport guarantees apparel that meets every standard and enhances your brand’s reputation.

Quality Sportswear Fabrics Matter

Our professional-grade quality relies on a steadfast commitment to excellence. We choose high-quality pre-dyed and sublimation fabrics for enhanced performance, durability, and comfort. With careful selection and rigorous testing, Sphere Sport ensures apparel that meets professional athletes’ needs and elevates your custom uniform brand’s reputation and appeal.

Precision Quality Control for All Custom Uniforms

Our customized quality control processes for teamwear manufacturing minimize errors and ensure consistency. 

Through diligent inspections, advanced testing, and continuous monitoring during production, we guarantee garments meet professional standards. This meticulous approach yields reliable, high-quality apparel, bolstering your brand’s credibility and customer satisfaction.

Popular Custom Apparel Products

Explore our comprehensive range of sportswear and custom uniform products in our pdf catalog.

Inside our Custom Apparel Manufacturing Facility

With Sphere Sport, you’re partnering with an international leader in sports uniform manufacturing. 

Our factory, a 2500 square meter hub in Dongguan, China, is equipped with the latest technology and materials optimized for B2B service. Managed by an international leadership team, we guarantee precision, quality, and consistency while manufacturing every sport uniform so that your apparel reflects your vision and branding. 

Offshoring Solutions for Custom Uniform Brands 

Gain a competitive edge with our customized, affordable offshoring solutions, tailored to your teamwear brand’s unique needs.

High-Quality Order Photos graphic icon
High-Quality Order Photos
Receive studio mannequin photos of each order for marketing and client use, enhancing your brand’s presentation.
Regular Shipping Updates icon
Regular Shipping Updates

Our staff tracks every shipment manually, ensuring prompt follow-up on delays and continuous updates for you.

Artwork graphic design icon
Artwork Graphic Design

Our graphic design team saves you time and money with apparel designs using your artwork template.

3D Mock-ups icon
3D Mock-Ups
Elevate your brand image with inexpensive 3D mock-ups of your apparel, impressing current and potential clients.
Uniform designer software icon
Uniform Designer Software
Incorporate a kit builder on your site for less with our in-house IT team. Enhance your brand’s e-commerce capabilities.
Client portal icon
Client Portal (Coming Soon)

We’re developing a client portal for streamlined order placement, real-time updates on all orders, and other useful features.

Eric Fan & Sam Clay founder of Sphere Sport smiling

Meet our Founders

Sphere Sport’s founders merged the advantages of Chinese manufacturing with Australian customer service.

Leveraging his experience sourcing products in China, Sam Clay easily translates the needs and expectations of clients into high-performance apparel. Meanwhile, Eric Fan’s background managing factories for major apparel brands and bespoke teamwear processes brings invaluable expertise to the company.  

Australian Business Culture & Customer Service

Sam Clay brings the best of Western business culture to Sphere Sport, resulting in clear communication channels, excellent customer service, and bespoke solutions. 

Under his leadership, we offer tailored service and product solutions, maximizing client satisfaction. Sam’s personal touch has been invaluable in elevating our brand as a leading custom apparel manufacturer, adding value to our clients and establishing lasting relationships.

Sam Clay and Eric Fan with employee in Sphere Sport China factory
Sphere Sport Founder Sam Clay wearing Sphere Sport’s apparel while competing in an ultramarathon
Founder Sam Clay wearing Sphere Sport’s apparel while competing in an ultramarathon.
Founder Sam Clay wearing Sphere Sport’s apparel while competing in an ultramarathon.

Athletic Wear Created
by Sports Enthusiasts

As athletes ourselves, we understand what’s important in performance apparel. That’s why we test and retest every aspect of our garments, including size, material, and features, to ensure maximum performance and durability. 

Our firsthand experience as athletes has been instrumental in our ability to manufacture top-tier sports apparel, providing our clients with the quality and reliability they need to perform at their best.

Custom Uniform Manufacturing
Built From First Principles

Teamwear requires different manufacturing processes than mass produced sportswear. We’ve built those processes from the ground up and refined them to perfection.


Experience precise color consistency from design to apparel with our advanced color matching processes.

Color matching graphic image

Our efficient workflow streamlines production, ensuring seamless communication & synchronization across all stages.

optimized workflow graphic image

Unified spec sheets for all orders guarantee accuracy, eliminating errors in the final sportswear product.

Client style charts graphic image

Production Capabilities

We’ve invested in cutting-edge machinery and production techniques to give our clients more options for their products.

Heat transfer icon for Sphere Sport
Heat Transfer

Involves applying a design to a carrier paper, then using heat and pressure to transfer it onto a garment.

Digital sublimation icon for Sphere Sport
Digital Sublimation

A technique that uses heat to transfer dye onto synthetic fabrics, creating a permanent, full-color  design. 

Digital embroidery icon for Sphere Sport
Digital Embroidery

A process of creating designs by stitching threads onto fabric with the use of a computerized machine.

Heat press icon for Sphere Sport
Heat Press

A method of applying heat and pressure to transfer designs onto apparel able to create vibrant  designs.

UV transfer icon for Sphere Sport
UV Transfer

Uses UV light to transfer full-cover designs onto apparel that is high-quality and resistant to fading.

Screen printing icon for Sphere Sport
Screen Printing

A popular and inexpensive method of printing designs onto apparel using ink and a fine mesh screen.

Innovative Garment QC Solutions

Precision is key in teamwear manufacturing. Sphere Sport aims to get every order right the first time with meticulous attention to detail.

Automated Fabric Inspections Icon
Automated Fabric Inspections

Using cutting-edge technology,  we scan fabrics for even the slightest defects, ensuring that every garment meets our high standards for quality and durability.

Pre-Production Print Checks Icon
Pre-Production Print Checks

We print and photograph a sample for each order, sending it to our clients to ensure apparel colors meet their expectations from the design file.  

Checks at every production stage Icon
Checks At Every Production Stage

Every staff member involved in each order has a series of QC checks they perform before handing apparel off to the next production stage. 

Offshore Services to Build Your Brand

Sphere Sport have made substantial investments in building a versatile services team based in the Philippines and dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch graphic design and marketing solutions

By leveraging offshore solutions, our clients can reduce their day-to-day complexity, reduce staff costs, and focus more on core tasks that will drive their growth. 

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Kit Builder
Software Development

Save time and costs by hiring our team to develop and maintain an online uniform designer solution for your brand. We’ll work closely with you to deliver the features, models, and designs that meet your specific needs. Contact us to request a quote or learn more about this service.

High-Quality 3D Mock-ups

Looking to pitch a new client or impress your current ones? Take advantage of our low-cost 3D model graphic design service. Sphere Sport built a large database of high-quality apparel models that really stand out against traditional 2D mock-ups.

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Additional Offshore Services

Save big on marketing and design costs by outsourcing your marketing and design tasks. 

Catalogue design icon
Catalogue Design

Eye-catching visuals that showcase your apparel collection, enticing customers to explore and purchase your products. 

Web design icon
Web Design

Create stunning and user-friendly websites that showcase your apparel brand’s unique style, products, and shopping experience.

Social media graphics icon
Social Media Graphics

Engaging visuals tailored for social media platforms to enhance brand presence, drive engagement, and boost apparel sales.

SEO icon

Optimize your apparel brand’s online visibility, drive organic traffic, and increase sales by improving search engine rankings and keyword targeting.

Brand style guides icon
Brand Style Guides

Create a cohesive and consistent brand image with guidelines for logo usage, typography, color schemes, and more, empowering your apparel brand.

Paid add management icon
Paid Ad Management

Maximize your apparel brand’s reach and ROI through strategic planning and execution of targeted online advertising campaigns.

Dedicated to Ethical
Business Practices

Our commitment to ethical business practices is reflected in our high BSCI audit scores.

Sphere Sport ensures fair treatment and safe working conditions for all employees, while also minimizing our environmental impact. Our dedication to transparency and responsibility sets us apart in the industry, and we strive to continuously improve our practices to better serve our clients and the planet.

Sphere Sport company employees group photoshoot

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