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Sphere Sport brings your soccer organization the unique advantage of purchasing directly from the source. We offer you superior quality uniforms and teamwear at significantly reduced pricing.

Maximize Your Savings by Buying Direct

Cut out the middleman and experience not just cost savings, but also the ability to invest in higher quality or more varied types of apparel.

With Sphere Sport, your organization can afford to equip teams with premium gear while enjoying better resale margins, all transparent with no hidden fees.

Ultimate Customization and Control

Take charge of your apparel with extensive
customization options
Custom Size Charts

We can adjust sizing to meet your specific needs.

Fabric Selection

Over hundreds of options, including advanced sublimation and pre-dyed fabrics.

Design Customization

From color schemes to logos, tailor every aspect of your teamwear.

Custom Packaging

Deliver your brand’s message the way you want.

Off-Field Merchandise

Our off-field product range includes customizable bags, keychains, water bottles, and other promotional items, allowing your brand to remain visible even when the games are over. These items are perfect for building a cohesive brand experience for players, fans, and family alike.

Build Your Own Brand 

Why not launch your own line of branded sportswear? 

With Sphere Sport, you can white label your apparel to feature neck tags, hang tags, badges, and custom packaging designed by you. This autonomy not only boosts your brand identity but also enhances profitability.

Design Your Teamwear

Our advanced kit builder lets you choose from hundreds of designs, allowing you to add logos, names, and numbers, and see your choices rendered on a 3D model instantly.

For those seeking unique touches, our professional graphic designers are on standby to craft a look that perfectly captures your organization’s spirit.

Why Choose Sphere Sport?

Sphere Sport provides you with a local brand customer experience while maintaining factory-direct pricing.

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Durable materials and meticulous design.


Reliable service and international standards of business.


From design to delivery, every detail is yours to decide.

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Easy Reorders and
Free Shipping

Streamlined processes and no additional costs.

Ready to Transform Your Soccer Uniforms?

Take the first step towards a unique and empowering teamwear experience. Contact us to discuss how we can help elevate your team’s look with quality, style, and unmatched value.

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