220gsm Cotton Pique Fabric | 100% Cotton | SP-026

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  • High-quality and long-lasting 220gsm cotton pique fabric is composed of 100% cotton
  • Great fabric option for custom t-shirt
  • Contact us to use this fabric in your next order or learn about Sphere Sport’s manufacturing services
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220gsm Cotton Pique Fabric | 100% Cotton | SP-026 For Your Teamwear Brand

Sphere Sport stocks over 100 sublimation and cut & sew fabrics like our 220gsm cotton pique fabric for every possible sports apparel type so your brand’s apparel can stand out.

How to Know if 220gsm Cotton Pique Fabric is Right for Your Brand’s Products

Choosing the right fabric material for your apparel products can make all the difference in your brand’s success. Here are some common considerations: 

  • Print method: sublimation and cut & sew fabrics often aren’t interchangeable so it’s important to start with this question
  • Durability vs lightweight: GSM is a measure of the fabric’s weight. The higher the GSM, the more durable the fabric will be, but the hotter it will feel for the wearer. 140gsm fabrics keep wearers cool when exercising in the heat, but won’t be durable enough for contact sports like rugby. 160gsm is a good mix between lightweight and durability while 170gsm and above tends to be more for contact sports or winter apparel.
  • Fabric features: Offering unique features in your fabric can give you an edge on your competitors. Consider using our Repreve recycled fabric as a sustainable option. Additionally, we stock fabrics with SPF protection, water & wind resistance, and similar features.

Not sure if 220gsm cotton pique fabric is right for you? Contact our team and we’ll help you choose the best fabric for your budget and market. 

Sphere Sport: Sportswear Manufacturer Profile 

Sphere Sport is a custom sportswear factory based in Dongguan, China. We specialize in high-end sublimation printing for teamwear brands and premium apparel retailers.

What sets us apart is our focus on adding value to our clients through customizing our products and services to meet their needs. Unlike most factories, we’re eager to help you develop new products and help you accomplish your greater business goals. Our location in the heart of Chinese manufacturing allows us to help brands also source non-apparel products, design unique packaging, and provide bespoke project solutions such as dropshipping and warehousing.

Sphere Sport is made up of a truly international team. Founders Sam Clay and Eric Fan oversee the company uniting Australian customer service with Chinese manufacturing expertise. Our clients appreciate the shared cultural understanding and sports knowledge when communicating with Sam on new products or orders, along with the competitive pricing and quality of the production that Eric oversees.

We’ve also recently added an American Daniel Shultz to lead a team helping to develop and deliver advanced design, marketing, and software services for our clients.

Why Order Your Brand’s Apparel with Sphere Sport? 

  • Professional-grade print quality and stitching for great-looking and long-lasting apparel at competitive prices. 
  • Advanced QC processes customized for each client give you the control to check designs, details, and colors at each point in the process or simply relax and let us take care of it for you. 
  • Countless garment & packaging customization options and eco-friendly materials. We stock over 100 cut & sew and sublimation fabric options like 220gsm cotton pique fabric.
  • Fast and cheap new garment development with no minimum quantity or deposit required. You can start developing your garment from items already in our catalog, by sending us a sample or send us specifications for changes based on a similar product we can source locally. 
  • High-quality production photos of your finished apparel displayed on mannequins emailed to you before shipment. These can be forwarded to your customers and used for marketing and final QC checks.
  • After we ship your order, our team tracks its progress at every step until delivery. You’ll receive regular email updates and notice of any delays.
  • Additional services designed to meet the specific needs of teamwear brands include graphic design, access to our kit builder, or develop one for you, product sourcing, and more.

220gsm Cotton Pique Fabric | 100% Cotton | SP-026 Product Details

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