Sublimation printing is the newest, most technologically advanced sports garment printing process, and is the ultimate performance / branding print process. The printed design adds no weight, it stretches with the fabric, and it never peels or fades. Sublimation offers unlimited graphic design and customisation capabilities, at viable costs especially for low QTY production runs like teamwear.


1. Our sublimation designers apply the customer’s design to our print templates that match the garments pattern. Special attention applied to colour, logo size and positions.
2. The designs are printed onto special sublimation paper using high end digital sublimation printing machines.
3. The printed paper is then overlayed onto the fabric and run through a special heated roller press that sharply transfers the images from the paper onto the fabric.
4. Our garment makers then cut the pieces of garment panels from the fabric and sew them together to create the final product.



• Lightweight
• Permanent
• Unlimited graphics& excellent Colour matching
• High customisation even with very low qty’s. (each garment can have a different name, logo etc)


• More expensive than screen printing
• More limited material options